Best Neighbourhoods In Edmonton 2023 (A Guide For Newcomers)

For anyone moving to a new, relatively unknown city, it can be challenging to know where to start when choosing your ideal neighbourhood. Are you planning a move to Edmonton? If so, which are the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton for you?

In this article, we will start by giving you some basic facts about Edmonton and a quick summary of the benefits of living in there. We then move on to discuss some of the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton for you to consider.

Edmonton Basic Facts

Edmonton is the most northern of the major North American cities. It is in central Alberta, around 600km north of the US border and 220km northeast of the Rocky Mountains. Edmonton’s landscape is generally flat or rolling. It has deep river valleys and ravines, such as the North Saskatchewan River Valley, running through the city. 

Edmonton is the 2nd largest city in Alberta, with just over one million population. Calgary is the largest Albertan city, but Edmonton is the province’s provincial capital and political and business centre.

Is Property Expensive In Edmonton?

Housing is very reasonably priced in Edmonton. For example, in July 2022, the Canadian Real Estate Association gave the average real estate price in Edmonton as just over $400,000, compared to the national average of around $630,000.

Why Should I Move To Edmonton?

Edmonton isn’t always the first city that springs to mind when people consider moving to Alberta. Instead, many see the better-known Calgary as the obvious choice.

However, Edmonton is also a beautiful city known for its extensive parkland and walkways. Like Calgary, it benefits from excellent amenities and sunny Alberta weather.

Unlike Calgary, Edmonton has a relatively small downtown area, but it has many large suburbs where people live and work. This means that commute times are pretty short for many people.

The people of Edmonton have a reputation for being friendly and relaxed, and the feel is surprisingly “small town.” The Edmontonians I know say it is a great place to raise a family.

One of the major benefits for new immigrants is that the cost of housing is low compared to most Canadian cities. As a result, the cost of living is generally low, and disposable income is high.

Best Neighbourhoods In Edmonton – An Overview

Edmonton has hundreds of neighbourhoods, plus many surrounding municipalities. This can make choosing your new neighbourhood overwhelming and also difficult for us to summarise!

However, the areas on the south side of the river and to the southwest are the most desirable.

Strathcona on the south side is very popular, as are Oliver and Glenora. The downtown area is popular with young professionals, although crime levels here are higher than in some areas.

The neighbourhoods that people warn against tend to be on the northeastern side of the city. You shouldn’t necessarily rule these areas out, but do your research if you plan to move to this side of Edmonton.

The areas below are our top eight picks for the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

Downtown Edmonton

Downtown Skyline At Night Across North Saskatchewan River Best Neighbourhoods In Edmonton Alberta Canada
Best Neighbourhoods In Edmonton

Downtown Edmonton is much smaller than its Calgary counterpart but is still a lively and vibrant area. As you would expect, it has a range of shops and restaurants and is popular with professional couples.

The downsides are typical of most city downtown areas; crime is higher than average for the city, and property prices are also high.


Strathcona lies south of downtown Edmonton on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River. Within Strathcona lies Old Strathcona, the city’s leading arts and entertainment district.

Old Strathcona is a historical area and home to art galleries, theatres, live music venues and concert halls. You can catch performances from the Alberta Ballet Company and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. The area is also a hub for shopping, bars and restaurants.

The Strathcona residential area is popular with “artsy” types and those who enjoy the nightlife. However, proximity to these amenities pushes property prices up. The average cost is around 25% higher than the average for Edmonton.


If you are looking for a higher-end area and cost isn’t an issue, you may want to consider Glenora. This attractive upscale neighbourhood lies west of downtown Edmonton on the edge of the River Valley. It is generally considered one of the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

Glenora has several gated communities with views overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. It is also close to the exclusive shopping areas on 124th Street and the High Street District.

As you might guess, this all comes at a cost, with the average property price approaching twice the Edmonton average and many houses with price tags exceeding a million dollars.


If you are a young adult looking for an area close to downtown but with a reasonable price tag, then Oliver may be the place for you. This area is sandwiched between Glenora and Downtown Edmonton and is popular with singles and couples.

Oliver is one of the older areas of Edmonton. It was originally an area of single-family homes, but many of these have now been replaced with apartment buildings. It is relatively densely populated, with many residents in the 20-40 age range.


Summerside is a popular neighbourhood for families. It is a relatively new residential area on the southern side of Edmonton. The development is based around Lake Summerside, a private artificial lake accessible only to the residents.

The neighbourhood’s only real downside is its distance from downtown Edmonton, so it may not be the best location if you work in the city or are looking for lively nightlife.

Property prices are marginally above average for Edmonton.

The Hamptons

The Hamptons is another relatively new area, this time on the southwestern edge of Edmonton. Again, the area was designed for families, has good schools, and has very family-focused amenities.

It is a peaceful, attractive area built around a series of lakes and parks. However, as with Summerside, the main downside is the distance from downtown Edmonton.

Property prices are in line with average prices for Edmonton.


Glastonbury is a newer residential area on the western edge of Edmonton, with very reasonable property prices. It is a well-designed area built with parks, schools and shops. The area is very popular with families, and properties come with very reasonable price tags. It is some distance from downtown Edmonton but well-serviced by major roads such as Anthony Henday Drive and Whitemud NW.


Westmount, northwest of Edmonton, is one of the city’s older neighbourhoods and retains much of its original charm. It primarily has single-family homes, and the classic style of many houses makes it a popular residential area. It has a peaceful atmosphere with a slower pace than the centre of Edmonton, but downtown is still within easy reach. House prices are marginally above average but still reasonable considering their position.

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FAQs – Best Neighbourhoods In Edmonton

Is Edmonton A Safe Place To Live?

Overall, Edmonton is a safe place to live, with crime rates just marginally above the average for Alberta. Generally, Canada is a very safe country. Ontario has the lowest crime rates, followed by Quebec and the eastern Maritime Provinces. The highest crime rates are in the northern territories, Saskatchewan and Manitoba prairie provinces.

What Is The River Valley In Edmonton?

The River Valley is a ravine formed by the North Saskatchewan River that runs through the heart of Edmonton. The valley is the most extensive stretch of urban, connected parkland in North America, with over 160km of hiking, biking and cross-country skiing trails.

What is the Edmonton Pedwalk?

Edmonton’s Pedwalk is a 13km system of skywalks and tunnels connecting around 40 downtown buildings and parkades. It also connects to three light rail stations in the city centre.

What is the Population of Edmonton?

Metropolitan Edmonton has just over a million population, while the greater Edmonton area has around 1.4 million people. Around one-third of Edmonton’s population was born outside of Canada. Of these, approximately half originated in Asia, followed by Europe, Africa and the Americas.

What is the Edmonton Climate Like?

The Edmonton climate is one of extremes. Winters are generally dry and bitterly cold, and summers are dry and relatively hot. Spring and fall seasons are short, and the weather at these times of the year can be very variable. The best aspect of Edmonton’s climate is its high number of sunshine hours. 

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